20th Jun, 2008

Jordan in the sand……

We did go to the beach the first week of June and had a great time. Jordan LOVED playing in the sand and in the water. See for yourself! The first picture is his first glimpse of the water.







It was a year ago today that we left Ukraine on our way home!

21st May, 2008

One year ago



It’s been one year ago today since we first met Jordan. I wonder how many people might remember that and log on the web sight to see if we had posted anything. May the 21st was a very special day for us. I actually got my days mixed up and thought it was yesterday. I was taking Jordan to my mother’s on my way to work. I would look over at that little fellow and just cry. He is such a blessing and has adapted so fast. His English has developed so quickly. I am amazed at him everyday.
It’s only been a year but it seems like he has been with me all his life.
I thank God for all He has done for us and for sending us this wonderful gift.

25th Jan, 2008

It’s Snowing!!

Saturday, January 19th





15th Jan, 2008

Santa Claus came to town!

Happy New Year!!




Jordan had a great time during Christmas. He caught on to the idea of Santa Claus very quickly. Santa brought him the John Deere Gator, a race track and a fort. Clark and I both got to spend alot of time with him during the break. It was a great Christmas and one we will always remember.

Jordan’s vocabulary has really picked up over the past few weeks. He can just about tell you anything he wants to now. We went squirrel hunting with Clark New Year’s Eve.

As you can see, Clark got some. Jordan and I were out in the middle of a field and he said, “Run, Mama, run. Play with me.” So we ran and played out in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes all three of us are like kids. That’s the way it is supposed to be, right?

Jordan celebrated his 4th birthday December 7th. He spent much of the day at PawPaw and Granny’s house. Granny made him cupcakes and he put icing on them. This was the first time she had cooked in nearly a year. She is MUCH better now and is walking without her walker. She feels like attending church again. Thank you, Lord!! He is so good to us.




We hope you have a great 2008!

C, J & J

26th Sep, 2007

Good Times!!

Hi All,



Just wanted to share a couple of pictures from our recent trip to the county fair. Jordan loved it, as you can tell. He cried when it was time to go home. PawPaw was there and bought him a caramel apple. We ate it last night and he enjoyed every bite.




These pictures were taking at home with his two horses and wagon. He plays with them everyday. You would think Jordan is too big to ride the horses, but he loves playing with them. They are named after the two horses at Ms. Cathy’s house, Ginger and Pepper. He is hilarious riding through the house.

I will probably stop posting on this site soon. Actually, it will expire shortly after the first of the year. However, feel free to leave a comment. If there continues to be activity, I may continue to post until then.


27th Jul, 2007



Here is some news worthy of the website! Today was the 1st day I dropped Jordan off at “daycare” that HE DID NOT CRY!! We seem to be making process. If he did cry, I was already back in the car and headed down the road. It sure did help Mama’s feelings not to leave him crying.

Since my last post, he has gone to the rodeo with Big Da Da and Nana and to the river to ride in Papa’s boat. Almost every morning this week, he has got up talking about horses and cows. This morning, he talked about Big Da Da and cows. The trip to the river last Saturday was nice. It was just hot so we didn’t stay long. His accent can really be heard when he says “boat”.

Please pray for our friends James and Teresa Sims and their little boy, Jacob. James has already come back home and started back to work. Teresa is still in Ukraine trying to get a passport for Jacob. It seems that shortly after we returned home mid-June, the process of obtaining a passport changed drastically. Fourteen days have passed since they started this process. Believe me people, these days seem like an eternity when you are away from home. I can’t imagine having to go through all Teresa is going through right now without Clark with me. Pray for James too. We talked with him last night and he is really worried about his family. You can keep up with them at simsukraineadoption.blogspot.com.

Have a good weekend everybody.


9th Jul, 2007


Hi All,

Just letting you know that Jordan is doing great. Here are a few pictures to prove it!










He has had his first haircut from Nana and his first ride on Papa’s tractor. He loves to play in the pool and take a bath. He enjoyed playing in the baby pool with his new cousin, Liam.

Thanks again for all of your prayers and support.

C, J, & J

24th Jun, 2007

Jordan’s Home

Yes Jordan is home and how greatful we are for all your prayers. Jordan is adjusting really well, better than I would had imagine. But why should I be surprized? God has been in control of our adventure from the start. It’s like when God saved us he just didn’t forget us. He is there for us whenever we call on him. We should continue to grow in him daily. Jordan is growing with us daily. Not every day is wonderful but we are all adjusting and learning from each other. He loves a bath so much that it’s hard to keep him out of the tub. Jenny went to Wal-Mart and got him a little plastic swimming pool. He had a ball in it. He would just get on his belly. Roll around like a pig and giggly.

Now the answer of the question everybody wants to know. When can we see him? Jordan is shy around crowds. I know he will over come this, but could you imagine being around a lot of people and not understanding a word they were saying. I think by the end of this week he could have some guest. Just not a lot at one time. I would suggest to call before you come so we can arrange the times of visits. I would also like to caution you on just grapping him up. It would scare him to death. I know that will be hard not to do but it’s best for him. My mother hasn’t even been able to do that and see has seen him twice and it’s about to drive her more insane.

We love you all and hope to see you soon. god is in control and it’s all in his time.


19th Jun, 2007

Tourist turned Mama!!

Well, Clark and I started this journey touring Kyiv and enjoyed every minute of it. But now, we have our hands full with Jordan. He is wonderful and we are so thankful for him. We are also so thankful to finally be getting to come home. We are so ready. ALL paperwork is done and now we are just waiting on time to board the plane. JJ, it is time to “get out of the city”!! We leave Kyiv in the morning at 11:00 am.

Everything went well yesterday with Jordan’s medical exam. There was not much to it, but it had to be done in order to get his visa. We had hoped they would weigh him, but they didn’t. We believe he weighs more everyday. Let me just tell ya, the boy is solid.

After that we headed to the American Embassy. Wow, it was nice to be able to communicate with someone. We had a little incident while we were there. I took Jordan to the bathroom and turned away from him for just a minute. I looked back and the poor thing had fell into the commode. I couldn’t help but laugh. When something like that happens, he says “Oywee”, which means “Oh my”. He is so funny when he says it.

He is beginning to pick up a few English words. He hears us say something and he will repeat it. He has a little accent when he speaks English. It stand to reason that he would; I just never thought about it.

Yesterday PM was the first time since we have had him that we were able to spend time alone. All other time has been very busy chasing down paperwork and in the car on LONG rides. I guess everything is beginning to hit him. His personality is changing and we are beginning to see signs of stress in him. The Russian he hears is limited now and he is feeling somewhat isolated. We knew this would come and it is hard for him. It is hard for all of us. He jabbers all the time and some of it is real. We just cannot understand what he is saying, which causes us all to suffer.

This is probably going to get worse before it gets better. Once we can get home and he can get accustomed to the language, having a home, family, our dogs, etc., he will be just fine. However, we are going to need several days home alone with him. Folks in the adoption world has told us this from the beginning. I now completely understand. This is one reason I had hoped we could land in Birmingham at a reasonable time of day. Everyone would have an opportunity to see him, but this just didn’t work out. I would have loved to be 45 minutes from home when we landed, but we are thankful to have a motorhome for the ride back from Altanta. Thank you, C&S for picking us up.

I know several of you are wanting to have a “Welcome Home” party for Jordan. We think that is a great idea, however, we will need to wait a while. He would really enjoy that and we want you all to meet him. He just needs some time.

We would love to see everyone when we return, but this just is not possible right now. Jordan is having a hard time folks and we still need prayers. Just think about it, how hard it would be to leave the only secure place you have ever known with two people who have only visited for three weeks two hours a day. And, on top of that these two people do not speak my language.

I am still concerned about the plane ride. Nine hours to JFK and three more to Atlanta is a long time and as tired as Clark and I are, only God is going to be able to get us through that awfully long flight. SP, I know you are praying about this. You have been for quite a while now. Thank you!!

This journey had touched a lot of lives, some of which I will never know. Some of you are family, some are friends who have shared our ups and downs through the whole process. Some of you are currently trying to adopt and have followed our journey for the sake of information and knowing what to expect. There are others of you who are just curious and found it all to be interesting. Whatever your reason, I have prayed you might be touched though this adoption. I prayed before we left home that God use this website for the good of the people involved and for His glory. He has definitely done this. Also, thank you for telling us how much YOU have enjoyed the post. It would not have been possible without the help from Todd, Clark’s cousin. Todd, you have done a great job with this site and helping us call home. There have been days that going to the internet cafe’ has been the highlight of our day. Clark and I thank you all so much. We wish the best to those of you currently in this process. It is hard folks, I will not kid you. But, trust in the Lord. Take it one day at a time and lean on the grace He will provide daily. Karissa, Beth, J&T and others of you here right now, just know we are praying for you.

Thanking all of you and our Good Lord,
C, J & J

18th Jun, 2007

Coming Home

Well here it is. Probably not what everyone wants to hear but God does things for a reason. Sometimes we don’t understand why. We will be traveling, Wednesday, June 20. We will not fly into B’ham. We fly only to Atlanta where Clyde and mama will pick us up. The reason why is because it was going to cost Jordan $600 to fly from Atlanta to B’ham. I know the welcoming party can’t happen now at the airport.

I don’t know why this has happen but there has been alot that I have not understood while we have been here. I could speculate some reasons, maybe it would just be overwhelming for Jordan. Maybe we would miss our flight in Atlanta. I could go on and on and never know why. I do however know who is in control and there is a purpose for everything that has happened. God has carried us this far and I pray that we stay in his will and follow his direction no matter where or which way it may take us.

His way is the perfect way no matter what. I thank everyone that has prayed for us on this journey. I hold each and everyone dear and close to my heart. You’ll never know how much it has meant to us.

C, J & J